Moving Destination: Moving to Arizona

Moving Destination: Moving to Arizona

Considering a change of scenery? Arizona may be the perfect place to settle down. Between the state’s rich history and wondrous landscape, it may have just what you are missing. Arizona’s three largest cities–Phoenix, Tucson, and Mesa–all offer tons of entertainment options that do not disappoint.

History of Arizona

The state of Arizona only became part of the United States as a result the Mexican-American War. Originally part of Mexico, the territory of Arizona was given to the U.S. in return for $15 million due to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed in 1848. Once a part of the United States, it was decided that Arizona was to be absorbed by the Territory of New Mexico. Dissatisfaction with the way New Mexico was run, led to the settlers decision to secede from the Union. It was President Jefferson Davis of the Confederate States, who signed an act to formally recognize the territory; the region then officially became the Territory of Arizona in 1862. Due to this acknowledgment, Arizona then became an ally of the Confederate Troops. The area supplied men, horses, and gear during the Civil War. On February 24, 1863, the Territory of Arizona was formally accepted to be a new U.S. territory by the federal government. Arizona then went on to be the last of the contiguous states to reach statehood.

Arizona’s Attraction

Arizona has an array of attractions and activities to amaze and entertain. The most popular tourist magnet the state has to offer is the Grand Canyon National Park. The naturally created rock formation is a unique spectacle and has beauty that cannot be replicated. While in Phoenix you can pass time by hiking in the Camelback Mountains. This historic landmark has two trails, Echo Canyon and Cholla. Or maybe you could stroll through the Desert Botanical Garden, a 50-acre plot which carries a multitude of different plants. Phoenix also houses four professional sports teams to delight fans of every sport, from supporters of basketball and football to those who prefer hockey or baseball. Tucson, Arizona has picturesque national parks, trails to hike, wineries to visit, and caves to explore, like the Colossal Cave Mountain Park. The Mt. Lemmon Science Tours allows visitors to learn up close about the Arizona “Sky Islands”. Mesa, Arizona has an assortment of entertainment venues from 204 parks, to their Mesa Grande Cultural Park or their two professional baseball stadiums. You can also enjoy a show in Mesa’s Amphitheatre, which is ranked as one of the top concert arenas in the state.

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