Moving Destination: Moving to Arkansas

moving to arkansas

Arkansas is a diamond in the rough, not just figuratively but literally as well. While in Arkansas, you can visit North America’s only diamond mine located in Murfreesboro as well as learn about the healing powers and history of the Hot Springs at Bath House Row. Famous Arkansas natives like Bill Clinton, Sam Walton and Johnny Cash have made their mark on American society.

Moving Advice

When moving to Arkansas, better known as the Natural State, you will want to consider nature when looking at your move. There are many things that you will want to consider when planning.

Before your move you will want to check with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department to check on road conditions. Particularly in the middle and eastern part of the state in the river regions, because flooding can cause a problem with roads and bridges.

The summer in AR is very hot and humid. If you are moving during these months you will want to drink a lot of water and protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. If moving to AR during the winter months you may encounter sleet and icy rain in the southern regions so listen for weather alerts.

Don’t forget to change your address with USPS. You can do this online and it will ensure that you receive your mail in a timely fashion.


Arkansas’ communities are very diverse as well as their economy. You will find college towns like Fayetteville, AR all the way to large metropolitan areas like Little Rock, AR. Other cities in the state include Springdale which is home to the headquarters of Tyson Foods; Fort Smith which is home to a famous Convention Center; Rogers which is the state’s fastest growing city; Jonesboro which is very agricultural and a quaint college town among several other cities like Hot Springs, Pine Bluff and Bentonville. All of Arkansas’ cities and towns offer so many amenities that lead to the highest quality of life.

Cost of Living

According to the American Community Survey in 2014, the average household income in Arkansas was around $41,264 which is slightly lower than many other states. However, the cost of living in the state is more than 10% lower than the United States average. Pine Bluff and a few other cities have a reported cost of living that is as much as 25% less than the national average. The state’s low cost of living can be somewhat attributed to the high level of agricultural products that are produced there. The state’s rich soil produces wood, rice, cotton and soybeans just to name a few lucrative cash crops.


During the summer, it is not unusual to find temperatures around 94 degrees Fahrenheit and high humidity especially in the lowlands. The high amount of rain can often lead to flooding which can cause roads and bridges to be cut-off. Winters are much colder and dryer with average temperatures ranging between 32 – 52 degrees Fahrenheit. In the mountains to the north you will find large amounts of snow. Tornado season in AR is mainly during the spring and summer months.


Education is a priority in the state of Arkansas. You will find an abundance of high quality schools available across the state from elementary through college. Some noteworthy schools in the state include Arkansas State University, Henderson State University, and Philander Smith College.

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