Moving Destination: Moving to Colorado

moving to colorado

At the epicenter of the western region of the United States lies a state filled with some of the most vivid, picturesque landscapes in the entire country. From beckoning plateaus to rolling plains and sharp mountains, Colorado has everything you could ever dream of and more. Although Colorado is known for breathtaking scenery, the state is diverse in many other aspects than the landscape, including history, demographics, and culture.

What is currently the state of Colorado was originally inhabited by Native Americans of all tribes until it was settled by the U.S. in the early 1800s. Similarly, it was an early migration route to spread people throughout the country. The current boundaries of the state were determined in 1861 when it was signed in an Act of Congress to create the territory of Colorado. The name was given after a Spanish priest called the river in the area Rio Colorado because of the tint of the water, which is now the Colorado River. It officially became a state in 1876, which was immediately after the Centennial celebration of the country, making Colorado the 38th addition to the United States. With the timing of this state’s admittance, it was been dubbed the “Centennial State.” A few years later, there was a silver boom that helped bring in people to the state, along with Colorado being the first state in the west to host a major political convention.

There is no denying the unique landscape of Colorado, which includes anything from an alpine climate, large sand dunes, to lush forests. Colorado is a state that is included in the Four Corners, meaning that you can stand at this location to technically be in four states at one time; Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. The capital and most populated city of Colorado is Denver, which has over 50% of the state’s residents. The other two of the larger cities are Colorado Springs and Aurora. The state has a population of over 5 million residents, all diverse in race, language, and religion.

Colorado has been featured as the backdrop for many famous movies and TV dramas including The Shining, True Grit, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Dumb and Dumber. In terms of food and culture, Denver is known for its renowned steak houses and Southwest style cuisine. Colorado has often been recognized as the third best state in the entire nation, especially in the realm of business. The state’s gross personal income is ranked in the top fifteen in the nation. The agriculture industry became important in the early 19th century and expanded both business and economic opportunities throughout the state. The unemployment rate is significantly below average as a result of a lot of jobs deriving from factories and laboratories. There is an extensive list of colleges and universities, along with military installations, a variety of sports teams, and protected areas such as parks and recreation sites.

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