Moving Destination: Moving to Iowa


Located between the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers you will find the Heartland of America – Iowa. Iowa is primarily a rural state spotted with small towns and a few middle-sized cities. If you are moving to Iowa, you will find a low cost of living and very low crime rates, lots of open space and family friendly neighborhoods.


Some practical advice for those looking to move to Iowa includes understanding the climate. The winters in Iowa can be severe with subzero temperatures, lots of snow, high winds and icy roads. If you can avoid moving between the months of November and March it is advisable due to possible extreme weather.

In the summer months, you will encounter hot and humid weather. If you are moving during the summer you will want to make sure that everyone drinks plenty of water and stays hydrated during the move. Taking breaks in shaded areas is recommended.

Before your move don’t forget to notify the USPS with a change of address form. These forms can be filled out online and will allow you to begin receiving your mail sooner.

Iowa Cities

Even though a large part of Iowa’s culture and economy are rooted in agriculture, more than half of the population lives in the state’s urban areas.

Des Moines is the most populated city and the state’s capital. This city is known for being the site of many high school championship tournaments, home to many well-known insurance companies and the starting place for the US presidential elections.

Cedar Rapids serves as the entertainment and cultural center for the state as well as home to one of Iowa’s regional airports.

Waterloo/Cedar Falls are often thought to be one metropolitan area but these two cities are actually very different. Cedar Falls has the vibe of a typical college town while Waterloo is more of a commercial/industrial city.

Iowa city is home to the University of Iowa and the Hawkeyes.

Council Bluffs shares the river border with Omaha, Nebraska but is about 1/10 the size of Omaha.

One of the most beautiful cities in the state has to be Dubuque. It has long been a popular tourist attraction as well as a gorgeous place to live.


You will enjoy four distinct seasons when you move to Iowa. Fall is dry and has mild temperatures making it a very pleasant time of year. Winter stretches from late November to early March and is when the state experiences its most frigid temperatures and lots of snow. Spring runs from March through June and typically has mild temperatures and marks the beginning of tornado season. Summer in Iowa is filled with high heat and humidity. Occasionally severe weather during this season can include flooding and tornadoes.


It is believed that the first high school was in Iowa. Secondary schools were formed in 1910 in Iowa and were not typically found around the country. Today, the state has one of the highest high school graduation rates in the U.S. The state’s SAT and ACT scores consistently rank in the top nationally. Many colleges and universities are found in the state to include Iowa State University, University of Iowa and University of Northern Iowa.

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