Moving Destination: Moving to Montana

Moving Destination: Moving to Montana

Carving out the top of the United States is the charming state of Montana. Known for its mountain landscape that is the source of its name, Montana is state all its own. It is a state as diverse as its nicknames of “Big Sky Country,” “Land of the Shining Mounts,” “The Treasure State,” and “The Last Best Place.” It is safe to say that Montana has something to offer for anyone and everyone that steps into the state.

The state received its name in order to describe the topography of the land, only officials decided that the translation of “mountainous country” had no meaning. Eventually when the state was issued a name, they settled on the original because it was found to be the most fitting. The land was often inhabited by various groups before it became a part of the Louisiana Purchase in the early 1800s. Sixty years later the area became an official United States territory, although not yet a state. In 1889 the territory was granted statehood after a second constitutional convention was held and the population grew after the Northern Pacific Railroad became a landmark in the state. The capital of the state is Helena, along with the larger cities including Billings, Missoula, and Great Falls.

Montana is the fourth largest state in the entirety of the United States, along with being the largest landlocked state in the country. It is considered one of the mountain states, although a large majority of the state is prairie contributing to the Great Plains. There are over one hundred named mountain ranges that cover the state and multiple drainage basins. The largest freshwater lake in the Western part of the United States is Flathead Lake and it is one of the 3,000 bodies of water scattered throughout Montana. Part of Yellowstone National Park is located in Montana because three of the parks entrances are within the state lines as well as Glacier National Park considered to be “The Crown of the Continent.”

In the most recent study, Montana had such a high gross personal income that it was 35th in the entire nation. Although few may know this, Montana has a rather large microbrewing industry settled amongst its borders and it even ranked third in the country for the amount of breweries in the state. Along with the beer industry, Montana has industries in both lumber and natural resources such as silver, gold, and coal. With the state having three entrances to a national park, tourism is also a large contributor to the state’s economy, with over ten million visitors filtering through every year to visit the state’s landmarks.

Montana is quite picturesque, making it no surprise that it often photographed or used as inspiration for painted pieces. Many authors, artists, and musicians have incorporated the state into their work and been inspired by the life in the state. There are many public colleges in the Montana University system, along with three private institutions and numerous tribal colleges. Given that the population in Montana is dispersed throughout the state, there are no major athletic teams. However, there are many minor league baseball teams and heated rivalries between university athletics. With all of the outdoor recreation activities like hiking, fishing, and skiing, there are still so many things to do in the state.

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