Moving Destination: Moving to New Jersey

newark, new jersey

When you think about the state of New Jersey, your first thought may be the reality television show The Jersey Shore, but in fact, New Jersey has a rich history and much more to offer than bars and tanning salons. Its diverse culture and prosperous economy make it a popular spot for movers looking to make their home in a new state, so if you are thinking about moving to New Jersey, let the professionals at D&D Storage and Moving of Cincinnati, Ohio tell you a little about it.



New Jersey was one of the original thirteen English colonies, although prior to that it was part of the Dutch settlement of New Netherland. New Jersey was unique for much of its colonial history, as it was largely populated by settlers who moved from other English North American colonies, as opposed to immigrants coming directly from England. During the Revolutionary War, General George Washington’s infamous crossing of the Delaware River, immortalized in Emanuel Leutze’s famous painting, occurred in New Jersey, earning it the nickname of “The Crossroads of the Revolution.”


Contemporary New Jersey

Today, New Jersey is one of the most bustling states in the country. While it is the fourth smallest  state in the country, it is the single most densely populated. From the time of its founding, New Jersey has always had a very diverse population, and that holds true still today with just a little over two-thirds of its population identifying as white in 2010. However over half of New Jersey’s population under the age of one year old is identified as a non-white minority. While New Jersey is very densely populated, this population is largely spread between smaller cities as opposed to being concentrated in singular large cities. Because of this, New Jersey’s most populous city, Newark, has just over 277,000 residents, while the county of Bergen has almost a million despite having no major cities. However, if you are looking for big city life, don’t fear, the New Jersey Turnpike is designed to allow New Jersey residents easy access to the metropolitan hubs of New York City and Philadelphia. And if you do choose to not travel while you live in New Jersey, you are still in luck: it has the second highest per capita income of any state in the country.


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