Moving Destination: Moving to New Mexico

new mexico

New Mexico is a unique state. Full of rich culture and vast, breathtaking scenery, New Mexico is known as the “Land of Enchantment.” Much more relaxed than states with large, fast paced cities, New Mexico attracts residents because of its easy-going lifestyle. If you are considering a move to New Mexico, let D&D Storage and Moving of Cincinnati, Ohio tell you a few things about the state to help you finalize your decision.

Where to Live

While all of New Mexico is home to gorgeous scenery and landscapes, it is important that you choose an area to live that meets all of your needs. Albuquerque is one of the biggest cities in New Mexico. Full of natural amenities, like the Rio Grande river and Sadia Mountains, this city’s downtown area is also thriving with business and activity. Las Cruces is the most populated city in the state. Home to the state university, 85 parks, and multiple golf courses, Las Cruces is a bustling town. Santa Fe is the capital of the state and offers many government related employment opportunities. In addition, this town is packed with history and nature. Carlsbad is unique in that it sits on both sides of the Pecos River. Because the main economic income comes from petroleum production and mining, this city is quite diverse in terms of its residents. Hobbs, Portales, Rio Rancho, Farmington, Roswell, and Los Alamos are just a few of the other notable cities to consider for a move.


New Mexico is one of the sunniest states in the country. With an average of over 300 sunny days per year, it is unsurprising that New Mexico is such a big draw for people who love the outdoors. Featuring a semiarid to arid climate, New Mexico’s temperatures fluctuate wildly. In the summer temperatures can easily rise to over 100 °F during the day, but they can also drop significantly, over a 20 °F difference, at night. New Mexico has an average precipitation rate of just under 14%, and is known for its unusually clear skies, which makes it perfect for observatories.

Cost of Living

The median household income is right under $45,000 for the state. Like all states, the area you choose to live in will significantly decrease or increase this amount. As far as housing goes, the average cost of a home is around $160,000. Bigger cities like Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Los Alamos will be more expensive, while the smaller farm oriented cities will be less. Overall, New Mexico’s cost of living is slightly higher than the country average. Groceries, utilities, healthcare, and transportation are all on the higher end of this average as well. The cost of living is more expensive in the northern portion of the state than the southern and central portions.

Make Your Move

If you are considering a move to New Mexico, D&D Storage and Moving, proudly serving Cincinnati, Ohio and Cincinnati, can make your move as easy as possible. With our team of experienced professionals, combined with years of experience in the moving business, we can help you transport all your belongings with efficiency and safety. As a member of the American Moving & Storage Association with an A+ score from the BBB, D&D Storage and Moving is the best choice you can make for your move. If you have questions about your next big move, contact D&D Storage and Moving today for more information or to request a free quote.