Moving Destination: Moving to North Dakota

north dakota

Moving can become very nerve-wracking, it can cause you to become overwhelmed very quickly. There is so much that needs to get done. Organizing and packing can be stressful enough but what about job transfers and moving schools. There are so many different aspects to moving to a new area. The moving process does not have to be hectic. At D & D Storage and Moving we want to make your move stress free and smooth. And when you are moving to an amazing place such as North Dakota you are in for a real pleasure. North Dakota is packed full of family fun and educational museums. If you are looking for something exciting there are also many casinos and local clubs to help you enjoy the night life.

The History of North Dakota

Whether you are moving to North Dakota right away or you have time to visit first, eventually you’ll want to see what makes North Dakota a sensational area to visit and live. North Dakota was not a state until 1889. Before becoming a state North Dakota was part of the Minnesota Territory and then became the Dakota Territory. This state was not very populated until the late 1800s when railroads arrived. North Dakota is now one of the most rural states in the country. Many farms cover the land and North Dakota ranks first in the nation’s production of wheat, sunflowers, flaxseed and many other agricultural products. Visit the historical and beautiful landscape of North Dakota.

Fun in North Dakota

There are many museums and historic sites to visit that commemorate the state’s incredible heritage. Some main attractions include the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the International Peace Garden and the Maah Daah Hey Trail. The Red River Zoo is a perfect place for a nice and educational family outing. Enjoy eventful night shows and casinos at The Windbreak. Whether you are looking for family fun, a relaxing and tasty restaurant or an entertaining night out, North Dakota has something for you.

The Move

At D & D we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We not only want to give you the best possible customer service but also the best possible moving experience. As a full service moving and storage company, you’ll find we can accommodate your move with just the right amount of help. You will find our team to be careful, safe and friendly so you have less to worry about. Our professionals are ones you can trust. AT D & D Storage and Moving we are family owned and operated for 40 years. Call us today and let us make your move a simple one.