Moving Destination: Moving to Pennsylvania


If you currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio, like we do here in Covington, but are looking for someone else to move, you have probably considered all of the neighboring states: Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia. However, if none of those states are to your liking, you may have to look out further. The moving professionals here at D&D Storage and Moving are here to tell you about a state you may not have considered moving to: Pennsylvania. If you are interested in potentially moving to Pennsylvania, then keep reading to learn more about this fantastic state!



Like other states in the area, Pennsylvania was not originally an English colony. Instead, that land was actually settled simultaneously, but separately, by the Dutch and the English. The Dutch and the English fought continually over the land until after the resolution of the Third Anglo-Dutch War, wherein Britain won control over certain Dutch colonies, including the land that would be become Pennsylvania. In 1681, Pennsylvania got its name when King Charles II gifted the land to Admiral William Penn. The name, Pennsylvania, literally means “Penn’s Woods” in Latin. During the Revolutionary War period, Pennsylvania was hugely influential, and the city of Philadelphia was a center for colonial rebellion.


Contemporary Pennsylvania

Today, Pennsylvania has much more to offer than its history, although if you are interested in that, Philadelphia, aside from being the largest city in Pennsylvania, does have many important Revolutionary War locations memorialized. Even outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s economy is booming. In fact, if Pennsylvania were an independent country, its gross domestic product would rank eighteenth in the world. If you are looking to broaden your mind as opposed to expanding your bank account, Pennsylvania is also home to the oldest institution of higher learning founded in the United States. While Harvard is the oldest university in the United States, it is actually so old that it was founded before the United States had solidified into a country, making Pennsylvania’s Dickinson College the first college founded in the United States. If small liberal arts colleges aren’t for you, Pennsylvania also has several top-ranked research universities, including Carnegie Mellon and Pennsylvania State University.


Does Pennsylvania sound like the perfect new home for you and your family? If it does, let D&D Storage and Moving help you get there. We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio, but we proudly serve Cincinnati, Ohio and Cincinnati.