Moving Destination: Moving to Puerto Rico

Moving Destination: Moving to Puerto Rico

If you find yourself bored of your surroundings, consider making a change in scenery. For beautiful tropical beaches and a cultural enriched history, consider moving to Puerto Rico. You will get lost in the gorgeous views all around and will want to settle there.

Information about Puerto Rico’s indigenous inhabitants is mostly unknown. Artifacts and evidence about their culture is scarce. The first recorded settlers were the Aracaico people, who traveled from the South American mainland. Soon after, the Igneri tribe also migrated to Puerto Rico between the time range of 120 and 400 AD. The two tribes were able to peacefully coexist. However, things changed for the territory when Christopher Columbus arrived. On his second voyage, he arrived at the island in 1493. He brought with him a letter from King Ferdinand that declared that any course of action was permitted if it helped the expansion of the Spanish Empire and the Christian faith. The lieutenant under Columbus, Juan Ponce de Leon, founded the first Spanish settlement. Ponce de Leon then went on to become the first governor of the island. In 1809, Spain officially recognized Puerto Rico as a province of their nation. In 1890, the United States wanted to establish a commanding navy similar to the British Royal Navy. In order to achieve this, acquisition of the colonies in the Caribbean was a necessity. The U.S. made an offer to Spain of $160 million for Puerto Rico and Cuba, but it was rejected. In case of war with Spain, the United States made preparations if it were ever to occur. The plan evolved in 1896 to include Puerto Rico as the base of the military operations. During the Spanish-American War in 1898, the U.S. invaded Puerto Rico. As a result of the war, Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the United States.

If you are thinking about moving to Puerto Rico but unsure of where, consider the three largest cities. San Juan is the capital city of the island, and is split into two distinct areas. Old San Juan can take you back in time with the old world charm. The colonial style has not changed with time, and is riddled with historical attractions. New San Juan on the other hand is constantly advancing. Tropical beaches are a relaxing escape or you can enjoy the bustling night life. This city has desirable attributes for those looking for a calm retreat and those who like adventure. Bayamon is the city with the most malls and shopping centers. The popular attraction of the area is Parque de las Ciencias, which is a science-themed park. Several NASA parts and rockets are on display. Many American restaurants chose Bayamon to begin Puerto Rican franchises. Another possible city to move to is Carolina. The Isla Verde in Carolina provides many sources of entertainment such as parasailing, jet skiing, and scenic beaches. The city has the island’s main airport, so lots of people are always traveling through the area.

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