Moving Destination: Moving to South Dakota

south dakota

So you’re thinking about moving to South Dakota? Moving out of state may seem a little intimidating but let me assure you, you’re in for a real treat when the destination is a state like South Dakota. You’ll find the state is full of beautiful historic sites and loaded with unique opportunities to enjoy different eras and the geology that is left behind. Unlike some of the states and cities in the Midwest, South Dakota has wide-open prairies and small towns that many in the eastern side of the Midwest have never seen except in an episode of Little House on the Prairie. South Dakota also boasts major cities like Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, whose names alone conjure up a little excitement!

Things to do and See in South Dakota

Whether you are moving to South Dakota right away or you have time to visit first, eventually you’ll want to see just what makes South Dakota an exciting area to visit and live. Most people have heard of Mount Rushmore and longed to see the gigantic faces of presidents past carved into the mountainside. But did you know that South Dakota also has amazing caves like the ones you’ll find at Jewel Cave National Monument? There are also a variety of landmarks like the Needle’s Eye and The Badlands Wall that showcase the diversity of South Dakota’s landscape. Add to those attractions The Ingalls Homestead and the Laura Ingles Wilder Memorial or the Mount Roosevelt Monument and you’ll begin to get a feel for the history South Dakota has to offer. When you have time, you’ll find that places like the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site offer a history of the United States and the nuclear arms war that is often forgotten in other states. South Dakota is also where many geological finds will capture the imagination of young and old alike, in museums hosting treasures of wooly mammoths and other finds from the Ice Age era.

Moving to South Dakota

Moving to South Dakota is in itself a huge endeavor. Just like moving anywhere, there are many things to consider such as job transfers, new schools, new doctors and dentists and that’s just the normal adjusting to a new area. Add to that packing your house, organizing and loading or unloading a truck and you can imagine things are going to get a little hectic for a while. That’s why having the right moving company is a huge help and finding that company is a huge priority on your to do list. D and D Storage and Moving can take the panic out of moving. We are experts at moving out of state to places like South Dakota. We can help with all the packing and loading as well as the logistics of getting to South Dakota and unloading and unpacking once you’re there. As a full service moving and storage company, you’ll find we can accommodate your move with just the right amount of help that you desire. Whether you need someone to do all the work for you or just to lift and load, you’ll find our team to be careful, safe and friendly so you have less to worry about. If you’re looking for a moving company in Cincinnati, Ohio or Cincinnati call D and D Storage and Moving today.