Moving Destination: Moving to Texas

moving to texas

Texas is full of cities that each have their own distinct flavor giving the state a unique blend of different cultures. When thinking of Houston, you think of oil, Austin and its music, Galveston and the gulf. No matter where in the state you visit one thing is common and that is Texas pride. The word Texas comes from the American Indian word “tejas” which means ally or friend, and is fitting because everywhere in Texas you go you will be greeted with a friendly “howdy”. People come to Texas for so many things – quality of life, weather, jobs, relaxation and numerous activities.


Prior to moving to Texas, you will want to make sure that your moving company is licensed in the state. It is recommended that you check with TxDMV before choosing your company.

Traffic in Texas can sometimes be a problem especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas. If you will be moving to one of these areas or any other large city you will want to avoid rush hour and listen for any traffic information when planning your move.

We also recommend that you change your address online with the USPS to make sure that you receive your mail in a timely manner.

Cities and Metropolitan Areas

There are always exciting things going on in Texas no matter what city you decide to settle down in. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area you will find a booming economy with a lot of affordable real estate. This area has a low cost of living and all sorts of leisure and sports activities to participate in.

Houston is on the eastern side of the state near the Gulf of Mexico. This city was built on banking and oil money which still dominates its economy. The cost of living in Houston is reasonable with lots of property options available. This international city boasts lots of cultural activities to do.

Austin is the state capital and is located in Central Texas. This area is known as the Silicon Valley of the South because of all the technology produced here. The cost of living is slightly higher than other Texas towns especially when looking to purchase a home but for the extra cost you will be living in the music capital of Texas.

San Antonio is famous for their Riverwalk, the Alamo and basketball. It is a beautiful city with a lot of history and is only a short drive from Austin.

Along with these beautiful cities there are numerous small towns and suburbs that many call home. No matter what type of lifestyle you want to live, there is a place for you in Texas.


The climate in Texas really depends on where you are located. The average temperatures are typically mild, however extreme summer temperatures over 100 can be reached. The areas closest to the Gulf Coast do experience an occasional hurricane.


There are numerous educational opportunities in Texas. It is recommended that you research the area that you are looking to move to and purchase a home in the district that most closely matches what you are looking for. You can search to review the database.

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