7 Tips To Find The Right Storage Facility

7 tips to find the right storage facilityWhere you trust your belonging to be stored is important, that’s why we offer these 7 tips to find the right storage facility.  Don’t think for a minute that all storage companies in Cincinnati, Ohio are the same.  That’s far from the truth.  When it comes to finding the best Cincinnati, Ohio Storage Facility, you need to ask a few questions and look around.  Here are 7 tips to find the right storage facility:

1.  Is the Storage Facility Secure?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but not all storage facilities offer the same amount of security.  If you care about your belongings enough to keep them in storage than security should be a top concern.  Are you comfortable with the amount of security the facility your looking at offers?  Ask questions about what security is available and who has access to your area.

2.  Is There Pest Control?

This is really important.  Some items you place in storage are a rat’s dream.  They would want nothing more than to climb inside your boxes and raise a family.  Roaches, silverfish and a host of other bugs are just as bad.  Make sure when you place your items in a storage facility that they promise no pests or allow you to do your own pest control.

3.  What About Rain, Cold and Heat?

Not all storage facilities are climate controlled.  In mild weather areas like Cincinnati, Ohio having air conditioning isn’t as important as it is in hotter climates.  The most important thing is will your items be out of the rain and not get wet.  If you have special concerns about some of your items, then climate control is important and you may need to search for that. The main thing is to ask if you’re not sure so that you aren’t surprised either way.

4.  Is The Staff Friendly?

Again, there are a world of difference when you begin looking into storage facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Make sure you find a company with professional employees and a staff that cares.  At D & D Storage and Moving, we work hard as a team to make sure we take care of our customers.  If you need help moving or want an item picked up or delivered we’re here for you.

5.  Are The Grounds Kept Nice?

You may think that a storage facility isn’t a landscaping business so what does it matter.  The truth is, landscaping may not be an indicator that a storage facility is either good or bad but cleanliness is.  If the grounds around the property of your storage facility are unkept and dirty, chances are the inside isn’t attended to well either.  This may be the indicator you need to let you know a different storage facility might be better.

6.  Are They Reasonably Priced?

I wouldn’t suggest you make calls and choose the cheapest storage you can find.  Storage facilities are very competitive.  Sometimes a cheap price is a way to undercut competitors but it doesn’t guarantee a reputable company.  High prices can be just as fooling.  Just because a storage facility is high priced or fancy doesn’t mean you’ll get the service and quality of care you’ll find at a reasonably priced facility.  At D & D Storage and Moving, we are dedicated to providing the best storage at the best price possible.

7. How Convenient Is the Location?

Again, location is important especially if you plan on visiting the storage area often.  But don’t pick the storage facility based on location alone.  Consider the other factors listed and make sure you don’t rule out a reputable company just because it’s a mile or two down the road.

7 Tips To Find The Right Storage Facility

When it comes to placing your items into storage, you may be in a hurry.  Don’t let the amount of time you have to shop around keep you from making a wise choice.  Consider these 7 Tips To Find The Right Storage Facility and you’ll be off to a good start!  D & D Storage and Moving is available to answer questions you might have about storage in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Stop by or call today!