Finding A Moving Company That Moves Everything

finding a moving company that moves everythingFinding a moving company that moves everything is impossible.  According to guidelines set up by the Department of Transportation, there are a list of items that cannot be transported.  This list includes things that are not safe and things that could perish.  You can find a full list of non transportable items on the Steven’s Worldwide Van Lines website.

So What Do We Move?

Just about anything not on the list.  We can help you move your entire household of furniture or if you need a commercial mover in Cincinnati, Ohio, we can help you move heavy equipment, office furniture or whatever you need to move.  D & D Storage and Moving offers prompt service and attention to details.  We can help you design your move to accommodate everything you need it to.  With the right logistics taken care of and a professional moving team, you can experience a stress free move.

What About Small Moves and One Item Moves?

Yes, many times we can help you move just one item.  We can move items from and to your storage facility or ours.  We can also move one item like a heavy piano or piece of antique furniture.  The important thing to know is that if you need something moved we can help.  We will be happy to offer you a free estimate. Finding a moving company that moves everything is easy. Knowing you found a reputable company with lots of experience is something else. D & D Storage and Moving offer convenient service and we provide excellent care so you never have to worry about dents and dings and other mishaps.

Finding A Moving Company That Moves Everything

Everything is a relative word.  While we can’t promise you we’ll be able to move some items, we can promise you that are services include moving just about everything and we handle every situation from large to small.  If you are looking for a company you can depend on, we have been in business for decades and are dedicated to being the best moving company in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Call D & D Storage and Moving for a free quote!