How to Put Your Mattresses and Box Springs in Storage





Everyone needs sleep to function, and your mattress and box springs factor into how much restful sleep you get every night. So when it’s time to put your mattress and box springs into storage, it’s important to do it right.


Preparing Your Mattress and Box Springs for Storage


  • A few days before you move your mattress, take off any sheets, covers, or mattress pads and allow it to air out thoroughly.
  • Run a vacuum attachment over both sides of the mattress and box springs to remove hair, dust, and other loose particles.
  • Clean the mattress on both sides with an upholstery cleaner and allow it to dry completely.
  • Place your clean, dry mattress and box springs in a bag or box specifically designed for mattresses. These can be purchased at many storage facilities, or you may be able to get one for free at a mattress store if they have extras.
  • Add a silica pack to keep moisture away and prevent mold, and seal the bag or box.


Moving and Storing Your Mattress and Box Springs


  • While storing your mattress and box springs in your basement or someone else’s may seem like the cost-effective way to go, it may not be. If the basement is damp or humid, your mattress could get moldy and have to be replaced. Opt instead for a climate-controlled storage facility to avoid damage.
  • Don’t tie your mattress to the top of your car to take it to storage. Not only could it fly off and cause an accident, it could also get bent or damaged. If you don’t have a truck to safely transport it in, consider hiring someone to move it. D&D Storage and Moving in Cincinnati, Ohio will move any size load, including a mattress and box springs.
  • Once the mattress and box springs are at the storage facility, lay them flat, but not directly on the ground. Place pallets beneath them or another piece of flat furniture to keep them from coming into contact with the floor.
  • Don’t store anything heavy on top of the mattress or box springs that might damage the padding, or springs or tear the fabric.



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