Is Short Term Storage The Answer Your Looking For?

Storage in Cincinnati, OhioShort term storage is a lifesaver when it comes time to relocate.  There’s no doubt time and again we’re asked if we have storage space available for short term use.  Most of the calls come from frantic homeowners who are moving from one location into another and because the timing is off on one end, they need storage space.  This predicament happens over and over again as one house has to be vacated way before the new house can be moved in to.  But, there are other reasons why short term storage might be used and we’re going to show you.

Reasons To Use A Short Term Storage Facility

With thousands of people living and moving in Cincinnati, Ohio, you can imagine there are also thousands of different reasons why someone needs a storage facility.  Here are just a few:

Downsizing Your Home

Maybe you are getting ready to downsize and you’re not sure yet where you’ll be staying.  Do you get rid of things right way or save some things for when you move.  Having storage space to move things into temporarily can save you lots of agony and confusion.

Moving In Together

Unless you’ve been in this situation, you really don’t know how hard it is to combine households.  You suddenly have 2 of everything.  One of you may not like something that is a fond memory to the other.  You also may not be sure if you’ll stay in the same house or move to another.  Having a storage facility to keep some of your things in when you move in together makes a lot of sense.

Getting Ready To Sell Your Home

When you get ready to sell your home, you will discover a few tricks for getting your house ready for the market.  One thing for sure, if you are a collector or have a lot of personal items laying around, your real estate agent will more than likely ask you to de-clutter your home before putting it on the market.  This is an excellent time to use short term storage.  You can put extra furniture or belongings into storage until your house sells and you get ready to move.

Sending Kids To College

This surprises most people when we suggest putting their children’s belongings into storage while they’re away at school.  But some kids don’t come home or they go to school overseas.  This is a good time to store things so that you can enjoy the space.  It’s only temporary, when you’re kids get ready to return, you can always bring everything back and place it exactly where it was.

Short Term Storage In Cincinnati, Ohio

There are a variety of reasons why people need short term storage in Cincinnati, Ohio.  D & D Storage and Moving is here to help you move.  We have a clean, safe storage facility available for short and long term storage.  If you need help moving your belongings, we’ll be happy to help you move.  Call D & D Storage and Moving today!