Moving Destination: Moving to California

Moving Destination: Moving to California

With a tag line of “Dream Big,” what more can you say about the endless opportunities that await in sunny California? We have all seen it in movies, commercials, and scattered throughout our Instagram feeds, the rolling waves of the sandy West coast and vineyards scattered with roaming horses. Everyone looks bronzed and genuinely happy, each navigating through their own adventure. So why not make California part of your new adventure? Here are some inside facts that will make you fit right in with the rest of them when you move to California!

In terms of size, California is the most populated state in the country and is home to the second largest city, Los Angeles, followed by San Diego and San Jose. The capital of the state is Sacramento and California is known by many as “The Golden State.” The history of the state itself is rather complex, with Native Americans being the first settlers on the land. Afterwards, it was claimed to be Alta California by the Spanish Empire and then later considered an addition to the area of Mexico. The Mexican-American War caused the territory to become the 31st state added to the United States in the mid-1800s. A majority of the state’s population and growth can be attributed to the California Gold Rush that began during the area’s admittance into the territory of the United States.

Although people most often associate California with glistening beaches, it actually has quite a diverse range of geography. It is divided into two sections, Southern and Northern California, each with their own variety of climates and topography. California pretty much has it all, with the Pacific Coast dominating the western side, along with mountain ranges, dry deserts, and lush forests. The well-known valley region commands the middle of California and is sandwiched amongst a rainforest and snow-capped mountains. The climate is dependent upon the particular sector of the state, but can fall anywhere between tropical and sub-Saharan.

California is one of the strongest world leaders in terms of economy. If the state were to be considered an independent country, then it would be the 6th largest in the entire world. As a reflection of such a diversified makeup, California is considered a leader for technology, business, and many other cultural artifacts. With inventions such as the Internet, handheld computers, and the hub of cinematic culture, this state holds many of the world’s most treasured commodities. Large companies such as Apple and Chevron hold their headquarters in California, allowing for a wide range of jobs and contributing to the state’s significant household income. Similarly, agriculture and politics serve a large role in contributing to the state’s economy.

With such an influential culture, diverse geography, and endless opportunities, what is stopping you from making California your new home? The state has so much to offer and is patiently waiting your arrival to see what you can contribute to California’s successes. For assistance in moving to California, contact us at D&D Storage and Moving for a seamless transition from place to place. We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio and serve the greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Cincinnati area.