Moving Destination: Moving to Hawaii


A change of scenery can be a stimulating change of events if you find yourself getting stale. If you want to live in an area of unmatched beauty, consider moving to Hawaii. The islands provide a rich history, and exposure to numerous cultures. The landscapes are full of character and will leave you breathless. If you are someone who loves having lots of options for entertainment, Hawaii is the answer.

Hawaii, before becoming a U.S. state, was once ran as an independent nation. Hawaii even had international, formal recognition as a country. It was known as the Kingdom of Hawai’i, and from 1810-1893 it was governed as a monarchy. All the inhabited islands were ruled by a dynasty referred to as the House of Kamehameha. When Kamehameha II inherited the throne the kingdom was filled with American Protestant missionaries, who were able to convert many natives to Christianity. With the passage of the 1840 Constitution during the reign of King Kamehameha III, Hawai’i was transformed into a Christian monarchy. The constitution used Western legal processes and Christian values as the basis of the legislation. After King Lunalilo died without naming an heir, an election was held to decide on the next leader. The election caused high tensions, and the islands erupted in riots. Britain and the United States sent troops to restore the order. The Legislative Assembly then voted to elect Kalakuau as the next king. Under threats of violence, King Kalakuau was required to sign the 1887 Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii. This immensely reduced his authority and he became solely a figurehead. When his sister succeeded him, she declared herself to be an absolute monarch. This greatly upset many American and European businessmen, so they overthrew the regime. From 1894 until 1898, the area functioned as an independent republic. On August 12, 1898 the United States officially took ownership of the territory.

Hawaii has many captivating activities that will excite those who seek adventure or those who simply love sightseeing. When moving to Hawaii, there are a variety of lovely cities to keep in mind. The capital city of Honolulu has lots of attractions. Stargazing tours, scuba diving, and shark watching tours are all available to enjoy. With so much to do, you will never be bored. For an enriching cultural experience, you can visit the Valley of the Temples. If you desire a more typical suburban vibe, the city of Mililani is the perfect destination. Money Magazine named Mililani as one of the best places to live in the U.S. You can spend time playing golf, walking around the parks, or shopping, all while being surrounded by gorgeous views. Another place to consider living is Pearl City. This is a residential area but there are still various things to keep you preoccupied. There is the National Historic Landmark that pays tribute to the tragic events of Pearl Harbor. Being able to walk through the hanger and see the sunken USS Arizona, it is a unique experience that you will remember forever.

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