Moving Destination: Moving to Oregon

moving to oregon

Thinking of moving to Oregon? Change is good. One of the biggest changes you and your family can through in life would be moving. Moving from house to house in the same state or moving house to house in opposite sides of the country. Weather your move is as near as the West side of Kentucky or far as Oregon, you will always have a helping hand when you partner up with D&D Storage and Moving LLC. We have proudly assisted over 50,000 families and business move for more than 40 years. With numbers like those, it is important for us to remain professional and 100% about customer satisfaction. Let us take the stress of moving away from you by letting us pack, move, unpack and store all of your household items with great care. We are located in the beautiful town of Covington, KY and are honored to serve Northern KY and Cincinnati. Moving does not have to be a horrible process and you do not have to get lost in a mound of cardboard boxes because we will make your move to Oregon smooth and organized.

Ready, Set, Pack!

But only if you want to. Yes you are ready to move, but are you honestly ready to pack up all of your belongings? If the answer is no, then great! Our movers here at D&D Storage and Moving LLC are perfect for the job. We can provide you more time planning important details about your move instead of packing endless amounts of boxes. How might you ask? Easy! Whether it’s your beloved pool table that you will never part with or your never used chinaware received as a wedding gift, we will make sure each one of your personal items are handled with top care. We want you to know that we are fully insured! Since we are, that means all of our workers are and all of your irreplaceable items are as well. This is just another way to provide the best customer service as possible. Oregon has a few major cities that would be great for your family to create a new beginning in including Salem, Eugene and along with up-and-coming Portland. When moving to any one of these cities in Oregon, you can schedule the time you want your move to take place. You pick the date and time to have our movers come to your old house and pack up your items. If by any chance you have to put some things into storage we’ve got you covered there as well! D&D Storage and Moving has climate controlled storage facilities to insure all of your belongings are not damaged by extreme heat or cold.

We want your move to Oregon to be smooth and as easy as can be. There will be no worries, just a stress free move when you bring our team of professional movers on board. All of your household items can be packed no matter the size. We can even move your grand piano! Let us stop by your home to give you a complimentary estimate to get started.