Moving Destination: Moving to Washington

moving to washington

Moving is a wonderful experience in everyone’s life. You and your family get to start brand new life in a new location. But with the good also comes some bad, the bad being packing up your life and organizing it in hundreds of boxes. That task is simply daunting and can also be very stressful. When that time has come to pack up move to Washington state, where do you begin? At D&D Storage and Moving LLC we have the solutions to help give you a stress-free move. We are a family company that has been helping people move their home and office belongings all over the county for more than 40 years! We are located in the beautiful town of Covington, KY and we are thrilled to serve Northern KY and Cincinnati. When you get the great news that you are moving to Washington, you have to determine what city is best for you and your family. Will it be Spokane, Tacoma or will you be sleepless in Seattle? No matter which city you land in, we are excited to go on this journey with you!

The State, Not the Capital.

Whenever Washington is mentioned, people always assume that Washington D.C. is the topic of discussion. However, Washington state and Washington D.C. couldn’t be much further apart than they are. Located in the very top left corner of the United States, one could assume it gets very cold. D&D Storage and Moving LLC can assist you in packing all of your items, even the ones you wouldn’t think of. Nothing is too big or small for our professional movers to pack up!

Speaking of covered, our company is covered with insurance. Yes, that means all of our movers are as well. We don’t want our customers stressed about any of their irreplaceable items during their moving process. To ensure that, all of your household items in and outdoors are covered by us. Every item that gets handled by our movers will be handled with care, packed in the proper packaging and transported safely to your new home in Washington. If you have a busy schedule and you can’t rely on anyone else setting a time for your move to happen, we get it. We work with our customers so they can decide for themselves. Even if the only free time you get is on weekends, we are honored to say we are conveniently open 7 days a week to fulfill our customers’ needs. Moving from house to house you might have a few things that need to be stored until further need. If you do, we can also help in that area. Our storage facility will safeguard anything you put in it. Call us up and schedule a time you would like us to pick up whatever you need stored and we will take care of everything for you. We offer complimentary estimates, so let’s get started!