Moving From Kenton County KY to Sunny Floria

Storage in Cincinnati, OhioIf you are moving from Kenton County KY to sunny Florida, we can help.  D&D Storage and Moving are your local movers in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We can help you get ready to move with information about your moving experience as we help set up the logistics of your move.  Many people who move to the Florida area from Kentucky only move down for part of the year and other people move down entirely.  Either way, we can make sure your belongings go with you making the transition that much easier.

Moving To Florida

If you are moving to Florida, there are a few things to think about.  Florida has many different areas that make it an interesting state to live in.  You can choose a northern area like Tallahassee or Jacksonville to get a taste of city life.  Because it is close to the Georgia line you can expect more moderate temperatures too.  The Florida Panhandle is a beautiful area with rolling hills and wooded areas that resemble many cities in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The further south you go, you’ll find more tourist attractions and a hotter climate.  Tropical trees and landscape cover the road sides and if you’re close to the beach you can smell the saltwater.  Southern cities like Ft. Myers and Fort Lauderdale are more fast paced and modern. Picking a Florida city to move to can be hard.  Most people suggest moving to an area temporarily until you decide if you like it or not.  Having a church or civic club to belong to can help you get adjusted quicker and provide a network of people to do things with.

Moving From Kenton County KY to Florida

If you are planning on moving from Kenton County Kentucky, D & D Storage and Moving can help with packing and transporting your belonging.  We take pride in training our staff to be friendly and courteous so your move will go by smoothly without unnecessary complications.  When you need a mover you can depend on, D & D Storage and Moving is here to help.  Moving from kenton County KY is often stressful as you move to an new city but we can help make the move less stressful.  Call D &D today for a free estimate.