Moving Plants to Your New Home

Moving Plants to Your New Home

When it comes time to move, you are likely concerned about your larger pieces of furniture, such as a couch or bed frame, during this transition. Because of their difficulty to move and dominance over other pieces of furniture, it makes sense that your first priority is to address the items in your home that can’t be casually maneuvered. But what about moving plants? Although they may not be the first thing that comes to mind, they need just as much care and concern as other elements of your home. Their fragility makes them susceptible to more damage during the moving process, making it important that you make plans for how they should be moved to your new home.

The first step is to determine whether you want to move the plants with you to your new home. Although this may seem like a silly question, you want to ensure that you truly want your plants before taking measures for their safety in the move. They are not only attractive and nice accent pieces, but they also provide health benefits and help to purify the air in your home by drawing out moisture.

If you do decide to include your plants in the move, then the hard part comes next. You can’t exactly bubble wrap your plant and place them neatly in a box. Similarly, if you are moving out of state, there could be some mailing regulations that restrict what you can send to your new location. Be sure to check out the specific laws of each state in regards to moving plants because some states enforce strict rules against certain plant species for pest and disease purposes. You also want to double check to make sure that the new climate you are moving to will be a healthy environment to continue to foster growth in the plant.

You can arrange for air and ground transportation, each of which have a specific packing routine to ensure that they endure the move, but it has a tendency to get expensive, especially with the more plants you plan to move. It is recommended to take no more than three on a move with you and then either donate or sell the rest and use those funds to purchase plants at your new location.

The distance of your move truly determines the method of how you pack when moving plants. If it is a short distance, then you can simply place your plants in open boxes that fit snug around the item. If there is room between the pot and the box, try to place something there, such as books or newspaper, so the plant won’t move. A longer road trip will require you to pay more attention to the plants along the way. Try and treat them as though they were a pet moving with you, meaning that you give them water consistently, monitor the temperature, and avoid leaving them in the car for too long.

Be sure to consider your plants when moving to a new home because often, they are an integral part of your house but are overlooked during this hectic process. For help moving plants or other items in your home, come see us at D&D Storage and Moving. We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio and serve the areas of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.