Packing Solutions For an Organized Storage Unit

Storage UnitYou have a whole a bunch of stuff and you just don’t have the space for it anymore, so you’re thinking about renting a storage unit. Before you rush out to move your belongings, here are a few tips on how to organize a Storage unit. Unless you are a puzzle master or some sort of wizard when it comes to spatial geometry, this can be a real complex problem. This article will help break down the does and do nots of packing your storage unit and even offer a few eccentric solutions to your space issue.

Don’t Be In A Hurry

First things first: relax. Moving things is stressful enough. Plan a time when you can spend a few hours organizing your self-storage unit. Many people who don’t hire a professional mover to help them get their belongings to storage find that the faster they move in the more unorganized the unit appears.  If this describes your move into a storage unit, plan to return later in the month when you can spend time getting things into shape.   The sooner you tackle this problem, the easier finding things will be.

Easy Access Self-Storage

Not everything you put in storage is going to sit in there for a long time. Some items you may need more often than others. You do not want to have to dig through all your belongings to find a power tool or old document every time you need them. That is why, before you put a single item in your storage unit, you should group all of the items you will need the most often together and put them aside. Then, when you are almost done loading the storage unit, put those items in easy to access spots.

Make the Most of your Space

You have a lot of things and a finite area to put them in, which means you will probably have to get a little creative with your storage methods. One trick is to use the empty space in dressers and cabinets to hold smaller items. But make sure you leave the drawers slightly open if you have clothes or fabrics in there so you can get some air circulation. You should also break down any furniture with removable legs and stack your chairs. If a table cannot be broken down then make sure to use both the space under and on top. Also, make sure to use the full height of the storage unit. Stack your stuff all the way to the ceiling if you have to. Just make sure that the items are stable and will not fall and that you are stacking lighter objects on top of heavier ones.

Keep Track Of Your Storage Unit

It can be near impossible to remember where everything in your storage unit is in your head. Write a list, draw a little map, or take pictures and videos so you can remember exactly where everything is when you need it.

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