Prepare Your Washer and Dryer for Storage

prepare your washer and dryer for storageBefore you load up the moving truck, make sure you prepare your washer and dryer for storage. You might not have thought too much about how your appliances like your washer and dryer will handle being stored. Each appliance requires a different amount of preparation so that when you get your appliance out of storage, it works just as good as when you put it in. Here are a few tips for preparing your washer and dryer for storage:

  1. Make sure the last load you wash is a clean rinse cycle. Don’t put in any clothes. Just run the machine to remove any buildup of detergent. If you have some buildup in the washer, use a vinegar solution and run the rinse cycle. The same goes for the dryer. You should remove as much of the lint and other debris as possible.
  2. Shut off the gas and or circuit breakers to your washer and dryer. If you have questions about unhooking gas appliances, it is always better to call your gas provider and seek professional assistance. Make sure you shut off the hot and cold-water valves at the wall.
  3. Remove and wash any removable parts and trays. These should be returned to the original machine when they are completely dry. Make sure the washer is dry as well. A wet appliance will cause mold or mildew to grow.  This is an important step in how to prepare your washer and dryer for storage.
  4. Remove the hoses and wiring from the washer and dryer. You can place them inside the machine to make sure they stay with the appliance and that they won’t get lost.
  5. Using a moving dolly or hand truck load the washer or dryer and secure them with bungee cords.
  6. You can transport the washer and dryer carefully. Tape the doors shut and wrap the appliances to prevent scratches. If you are moving other items, you should load the washer and dryer last. That way they can be unloaded off the moving truck right away.
  7. Remove the tape from the doors of the washer and dryer and keep the doors slightly ajar while in storage. A blanket or sheet can be used to cover the washer and dryer. Don’t use a plastic cover, as this will prevent the air from circulating around the appliance.

Prepare Your Washer and Dryer For Storage

When you are getting ready to move things into a new house or place items in storage, don’t forget to prepare your washer and dryer for storage. D & D Storage and Moving will be happy to help you move your washer and dryer.  We are also a moving company who will pick up your items for storage. If you are looking for a clean storage facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, call D & D Storage and Moving today.