Summer Storage For College Students

summer storage for college studentsSpring Semester is almost over and it’s time to think about going back home and what you’ll do with all your stuff. Summer storage for college students provides you with a place to keep your belongings.  This can be a huge help if you live off campus in an apartment or condo and you’re planning on returning to your home town this summer.  According to a My College Options, a college research site, there are 25 colleges and universities in the Cincinnati area.  This could make finding a storage facility harder than you anticipated.

Finding The Right Summer Storage For College Students

There are all types of storage facilities in Cincinnati and Cincinnati, Ohio.  Choose a storage facility that allows short term storage and is within your budget.  When you think about the hauling your belongings miles away, storage is often cheaper.  If you’re flying home then you also know that you can’t take much with you.  Many college students combine their belongings together if they don’t have much.

Packing For Storage in Greater Cincinnati

Packing your belongings is pretty easy.  You need to make sure you keep heavy items on the bottom of the box.  Pack fragile items in wrapping of some kind and label the box clearly.  Don’t overpack your boxes so they are so heavy you end up hurting you or your friends back but at the same time, don’t leave room at the top of the box either.  If you leave room at the top of the box and stack other boxes on top it can cause the box to sag and create an avalanche in the storage unit.  Label items you’ve packed so you can find things easily.  If you can leave a key to the storage with a local friend, you can always have something mailed back to you if you need it.  You’re friend will appreciate good labels on all your boxes.  Remember when you’re packing that some items don’t last in storage.  Make sure there isn’t any food or wrappers that could attract pests.

Moving Your Items To Storage

When it comes time to move items to storage, you can borrow a truck from your friends or call you local moving company to help with moving your items to storage.  D & D Storage and Moving is available to help with both moving and storage.  You can trust our storage facility to be clean and safe for your belongings.  When it comes time to remove your items from storage, we can help with unpacking or set up to make next’s falls move back into your dorm or apartment easy.  For friendly, affordable Cincinnati storage, call D & D today.