The Problems With Outdoor Storage Sheds

storage in NKYThe problems with outdoor storage sheds vary depending on where you live and what material they are made out of. Some homeowner associations won’t allow sheds and so extra space in the garage is taken up with lawn mowers, pesticides and yard equipment.   Not to mention seasonal decorations and other items you want to save but have no room for. Here are some of the problems with outdoor storage in NKY:

Wood and Metal Sheds

Many sheds are made of either wood or metal. The problem with sheds like these is that they will need to be painted to keep in good shape. Metal sheds can rust and crack and wood sheds are susceptible to termites. These types of sheds have been used for many years and tend to leak after time. The wood rots or cracks in the metal allow the moisture and weather to ruin the shed. Not only do you end up with an eyesore in the yard, but also the items inside can get pest infested and water damaged. Newer sheds made of plastic do a better job and won’t crack or rot they also require less shed maintenance.


Theft can become a problem if you place items in storage in your backyard shed. The problems with outdoor sheds are that they attract burglars who are looking for an easy target. Dark back yards and areas that are not secure are especially prone to burglary.   If you use outdoor sheds at your work or church to store lawn equipment in, then people who would steal things like that have even more opportunity when no one else is on the premises.   Most thieves study property and look for times when no one is home and they can easily get into a backyard shed and take what they want.

Not Enough Storage Space

The last problem we often hear about when it comes to outdoor sheds is that there really isn’t enough space. Items get stored haphazardly on top of each other and before long the storage space is full and you’re looking at getting another storage shed.

The Problems With Outdoor Storage Sheds

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