Tips for Moving in Winter


Moving in winter may not be ideal. It is possible; however, it just takes extra planning and precautions. Your best asset is being prepared. Snow can cause a major wrench in your plans, so keep an eye on weather conditions when scheduling a move. Do not let any weather keep you from enjoying your new home.

It’s important that your new place has the heat and lights already turned on. You should always make sure that all the utilities are set-up and in working order, but it is even more crucial in the winter time. With freezing temperatures and shorter amounts of daylight, it is beneficially to ensure your new home is moving in ready. It would be best to turn on the heat a few days before the move in day, to guarantee the house is warm and a livable environment for winter.

When moving it is essential to make sure you are not dealing with any hazards. Snow should be cleared from walkways and sidewalks to ensure that safety concerns are eliminated. If you are moving locally, it is a good idea to check for ice the night before moving. If any is present, salt or sand spread on the area will make sure it is cleared by morning. If you are not able to visit your new place, you can call the property manager or your agent to check for you. This same advice applies to your current home as well. Shoveling snow and removing any ice, will allow you to move your belongings without fear of slippery conditions.

It is best to be prepared in case a winter storm occurs when you are moving, especially when traveling long distance. Make sure your vehicles have been winterized. Check to make sure your fluid levels are topped off, and tires and brakes are in good condition as well. You should also pack a snow shovel, salt or kitty litter, and an emergency blanket too. These will come in handy if you get stuck somewhere. Keeping an extra gas can and additional windshield wiper fluids are helpful if the weather prevents you from getting more. Carefully plan your travel routes. The weather may force certain highways to shut down. Roadway conditions can be checked online or you can call local authorities.

A backup plan is critical if there is winter weather imminent. If the conditions prove too dangerous you may need to reschedule. In case you cannot move, finding temporary accommodation is a necessity. You can speak with your current property manager to see if you could stay a few extra days. It is also a good idea to not pack any winter items, as you may need extra shovels, mittens, or hats.

Melting snow can cause a mess, so it is smart to have cleaning tools ready. Keep towels in your car to wipe off any boxes that can transfer dirt to your car and house. Make sure to put down some kind of tarp in your new home so you do not track any snow onto the floors.

If you need to move in winter, hiring professional movers would be the best way to simplify the process. D&D Storage and Moving only hires experienced experts, and can manage moving in any season. Winter weather can cause complications and dangers when moving, so why not have professionals handle the work for you? D&D Storage and Moving is located in Covington, KY and provide service to Northern KY and Cincinnati.